contemporary colour garden

Contemporary Colour

Contemporary Colour Garden Year round colourful garden design This commission came after the garden had been designed – all the beds, patio, and lawn shape had been determined and built! So my brief was to fill the garden with year round colour and interest. Lots of colour yet in a contemporary style to fit with…

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small garden development

Small Garden

Small Garden Transforming outdoor garden space into ‘rooms’ We were commissioned to do this garden after the family had been living in their new home for 1 year – and wanted to invest in their outdoor space. It was very bland. Just lawn, a small concrete patio and a large trampoline dominating the lawn space.…

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Childrens activity garden

Children’s Activity Garden

Children’s Activity Garden A fun activity garden for all the family! The commission for this garden stemmed from a deep desire for the whole family to have more time outdoors. In fact the goal remains for the children to have an outdoors, unfettered, childhood to play, explore, engage with the natural world, learn about plants…

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Upgraded front garden

Upgraded Front Garden This “upgraded” front garden is designed to be a source of rest, inspiration and colour, through : Using the existing circular lawn to create an arena of colour; Extending the circle theme to introduce other areas of interest: “A Pot Arena” and “A Palm Island”! Introduce interest and a “come hither” feeling…

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japanese inspired garden

Japanese inspired garden

Japanese inspired garden I hired Soo to design a Japanese Garden for my new home, an inspiration from my numerous travels around the world. She and her team of contractors worked tirelessly to give me the garden of my dreams. Nothing was too much trouble for her and the results have been amazing. Spring is…

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bee friendly garden

Multi Level Large Garden

Large Multi Level Landscaped Garden A garden with year round interest using plants that are bee friendly The aim of this multi-level, multi-layered garden was to use plants that are bee friendly, yet provide year round interest. Encompassing a sloping hillside leading to the margins of a bubbling brook this space had so much potential,…

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Garden deisgn for Grown Up with lots of colour

Gardens for families with grown up kids

Reclaiming a garden for enjoyment, heady scents and glorious flowers We were tasked to reclaim a garden by a couple whose children had left home for university and work. For years their lawn had been the stage for epic games of football and badminton. Now they wanted to be able to enjoy the more peaceful…

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Garden for non-gardeners, summer house

Garden design for non-gardeners

A fuss-free garden designed to be enjoyed! The garden redesign brief was to give a busy couple who ran their own business from home an enticing, new outlook and relaxed outdoor environment. For five years they had looked out on a bare lawn to the paddock beyond. There was a small concrete barbecue area for…

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Full Garden Design, back garden with new trees and hedging

Family Garden Design

Transforming gardens and living spaces Gardens don’t just change with the seasons – they evolve with you and your family. We were asked to provide a complete makeover to turn a garden for young children into a relaxing space where both parents and teenagers can socialise. Before After

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